Reducing Eye Injury Risks

GB6410SDT - V2G-XP.jpg

<h1>Eye Safety for Miners</h1>

Miners face exposure to work dangers on a daily basis. Workers in the mining field can experience an array of risks to their eyes while on the job. Thousands of eye injuries have been reported in the mining industry throughout the years.

There are several causes of on-the-job eye injuries including:

  • Particles and dust in the air
  • Sparks and radiation from welding
  • Being hit with an object
  • Chemical splashes
  • On-site accidents

The best way to prevent injuries is by wearing protective glasses before entering a hazardous area. Miners can reduce their risk of experiencing eye injury or damage by wearing the proper eye gear.  In By Supply has an extensive selection of protective eyewear and eyewear accessories. Check the inventory for all your protective needs.


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